David likes to joke that I’m like a finely tuned machine. My perspective is that I’m just very in tune with my body’s needs, but if he wants to compare me to a Lamborghini, who am I to protest?

Though I’m always up for an adventure, if I’m at home in a day to day rhythm, I just know what habits keep my body feeling best: whole foods, exercise, sleep. Groundbreaking, right? And when I slack on any of those areas (or overdo it), I can tell.

I’m trying to build these habits in the kids, too. They’re pretty good with food and sleep, but movement is one area I’ve been more intentional about with them lately. They both have activities that keep them active (soccer, Tae Kwon Do, etc), but on a daily basis, they’d both pick playing Barbies or crafting or baking over running outside to play.

About two weeks ago I implemented a morning mile. I called it a wog (a throwback to old blog posts). We simply switch between walking and jogging every other mailbox.

Some days there have been tears (Kaitlyn) and other days we find ways to make it more interesting (bouncing tennis balls the whole way has been a huge hit and distraction). However we do it, it’s nice to know we’re all getting some outside movement in before noon.

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Where do kids learn to pose like that?

I love the morning mile because between it and the warm up and cool down walk I do with David for our workouts, I usually get 3-4 miles in each day walking. That consistency has been nice, even if it’s worn out my shoes pretty quickly.

As a person who overpronates (see picture below) shoes are important. Yesterday I got a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline and it made me realize how worn out my old shoes are. Like new tires on a Lamborghini I suppose. They made a huge difference in how my feet felt at the end of the day.


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