If you’ve ever tried to manifest something, then chances are you’ve experienced self-doubt. Doubt can get in the way of manifesting your desires, making them less likely to happen. So, how do you get rid of doubt when manifesting?

How to get rid of doubt when manifesting

Having doubt is one of the worse things you can do when manifesting. Many people quit manifesting because of this

If you want to get rid of doubt, then try these things:

1. Start small

If you’re new to manifesting, then focusing on a big goal can be overwhelming.

It can be easy to doubt whether you will achieve the big goal. Instead of trying to manifest something big right away, start small.

Build up your confidence with some smaller goals, and then you can go for something bigger later.

You can try to manifest something like having a positive day or making someone smile.

Once you’ve experienced some success with smaller goals, you can move on to bigger ones.

2. Visualize your success

It can be easy to doubt whether you will succeed when manifesting something.

In order to get rid of doubt, visualize yourself succeeding. You can imagine in detail how the goal will look when it is completed.

For example, if you want to manifest something related to your career, imagine how that will look when it is a success.

You could imagine yourself walking into the office in the morning and feeling good about going to work. You might picture getting recognition for your great ideas from your boss.

Visualizing success will help you feel confident that the goal is really achievable for you.

It also gives you a clear picture of what you want so that there’s no room for self-doubt.

3. Let go of negative beliefs 

Self-doubt can sometimes come from negative beliefs.

Negative beliefs, or limiting beliefs, occur when you tell yourself that something is not possible for you. Self-doubt comes about because of the way you talk to yourself in your thoughts and what you say about yourself to others.

If these negative comments are habitual, then they will end up blocking the manifestation process.

To get rid of doubt, examine any negative beliefs that may be holding you back. Then work to replace those beliefs with positive ones.

You can use positive affirmations to help you with this.

How do I stop doubting my manifestation?

It’s important to stay on track and overcome any self-doubt that may appear when you’re manifesting.

If doubt appears, then try these things:

1. Recognize that doubt that is holding you back

The first step to getting rid of doubt when manifesting is to recognize it’s there.

When you do something you’ve never done before, it’s natural to feel a little fear. When this fear becomes doubt and prevents you from moving forward, that’s when it can be damaging.

Doubt will destroy any chance of your manifestation happening, but it can be conquered.

2. Remind yourself of your intention

When you feel doubt, remind yourself why you started manifesting what you want and how much you want it to happen.

Reminding yourself of a positive thing can rid your mind of any negative thoughts that might be lurking there. It can also help motivate you to stay on track and stay focused on manifesting what you want.

Defeating doubt is all about being realistic with what you ask for in life and having faith in the process of manifestation.

The more confident you are, the less chance there is for doubt to creep back into your head.

3. Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are short statements that you repeat to remind yourself of your goals and intentions.

Affirmations can be a great way to overcome doubt when manifesting because they allow you to reaffirm your intent and drive.

To help yourself get rid of any doubt, you may have when manifesting, try repeating the following positive affirmations:

  • I am patient with myself in the process of manifestation.
  • Every day I am getting closer to my goals.
  • I have no doubts that I will get what I desire.
  • I trust that my manifestation is on its way.

You can repeat these affirmations as often as you want throughout your day.

Using positive affirmations is a great method for getting rid of doubt when manifesting because it aligns your thoughts with how you’re feeling.

If you find yourself doubting whether or not what you are trying to manifest can happen, then use this exercise to remind yourself why it’s possible and why you want it.  

4. Remind yourself that self-belief is key

For manifestation to work, you must believe that it will happen.


If you do not believe that your desired outcome is possible, there is no way to show up.

It may take some time, but if you have faith in the process of manifestation and are doing what you can to make it happen, it will appear.

Don’t give up just because doubt has entered into your consciousness.

Doubt can still sneak into our minds when manifesting, but if we remain patient and persistent, we will overcome it and see our desires become a reality.

Can you manifest with doubts?

No, you can’t manifest if you have doubts.

One of the keys needed to make manifestation work is belief, and if your beliefs are clouded by doubt, then you’re going to see less success in your manifestation.

What’s important is realizing the doubt that holds you back so that it can be replaced by positive intentions.  

Once you do this, then the manifestation process can begin again and everything will fall into place just like before.


What does it mean when you start to doubt your manifestation?

If you start to doubt your manifestation, it means that you have temporarily lost sight of your manifestation.

When doubt creeps in, you need to remind yourself about why you are manifesting what you want.  

Remind yourself of your desires and how much you want them to manifest in the physical world.

If it still doesn’t work, then take more action towards your manifestation. The more effort you put into what you’re trying to bring forth, the quicker you will realize its appearance.

How do I stop negative thoughts when manifesting?

You can stop negative thoughts by using positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are short and simple statements that help you reaffirm what it is that you want.

By repeating positive affirmations, you are reinforcing your intent over and over again.

This is a sure way to stop negative thoughts because you’re essentially telling yourself that what it is you desire will happen in the near future.

How do I clear my mind before manifesting?

You can clear your mind before manifesting by sitting in silence and asking yourself what it is you want.

By clearing your mind, you are making room for the manifestation process to come forward and help take care of your problem.

If you have trouble with this, then try writing down what you want and focus on the feeling that comes with it.

Once you have a clear mind, then you can begin to focus on the process of manifestation and pull it towards you.

How do you stay positive while manifesting?

Staying positive is a great way to stay confident in the process of manifestation.  

By remaining positive and having faith that your desired outcomes will appear, you can help fight off any doubts that may arise.

To stay positive while manifesting, you can try to:

  • Remind yourself why you started the manifestation process.
  • Create a gratitude list.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Use positive affirmations.
  • Remind yourself that self-belief is key.

How do you believe when manifesting?

Believing is a key ingredient to the manifestation process.

If you don’t believe that what you are trying to manifest can happen, then it won’t appear.

You believe by remaining patient and reminding yourself that you will see your desires become a reality in the near future.

Believe that your goal will come to you even if it seems impossible.

If you find yourself believing but still having doubts, you can try using positive affirmations or writing down what you want and why.  

Overall, just believe that what it is you’re trying to manifest will come into fruition; the rest of the process takes care of itself after that.

Final thoughts

Manifestation is a wonderful tool that can be used to change your life for the better.

What’s important is realizing what you’re doing wrong so that it doesn’t hold you back from seeing success in the manifestation process.

It may take some time but if you are persistent and patient, then one day soon your wishes will become reality.

Whether it be a new car, a better job, or finding true love; if you want it bad enough then it will come to you.

Get rid of doubt and watch the manifestation process come forth and work for you.


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