Using manifestation and the law of attraction can be very powerful when you want to attract something in your own life, whether it be a new car, house, or friendship.

But can you use this law of attraction to manifest for others?

Can you manifest for someone else?

Yes, you can manifest for someone else, but only if you and the other person’s desires are both aligned.

This is because the law of attraction only works when you have positively aligned yourself with the desire.

Why alignment is key

The law of attraction and manifestation uses attraction and alignment to bring about what you want.

When you are aligned with another person’s desires, you can manifest whatever they desire.

This also works in reverse: If the other person cannot align their wants with yours, you cannot manifest for them.

Having to be aligned for manifesting for others to work is great because it means someone else can’t manifest negativity to you.

Why it’s not easy to manifest for others

Manifestation and the law of attraction both work on self-belief and positive energy. However, you still have to take action and do things to manifest what you want.

If you’re manifesting for someone else, it can be hard to change their mindset and make them believe that their dreams can come true.

Obstacles and lack of belief from the person you’re trying to manifest can defeat the process.

For example:

You want to manifest a new car for your significant other. They insist that they can’t afford it and that they will never be able to have it.

You can’t change someone else’s mindset, which means aligning with their desires is out of the question.

Manifestation and the law of attraction will only work if you bring positivity and self-belief to the person.

You both have to be aligned and believe in the same positive outcome.

Therefore, you can’t manifest for them. You have to find a way to help them get into alignment with their desires.

Consider this first

Sometimes people are in denial about what they really want in life because it’s too scary or overwhelming to imagine.

It’s hard for anyone to admit that they want something from life when they know it’s not easy to obtain.

When trying to figure out if someone else can be manifested for, ask yourself, “does this person fully believe they can achieve this?”.

If they don’t believe they can achieve their goal, then it’s likely that you will not be able to manifest for them.

If someone is resistant to change, then maybe the universe doesn’t support this person’s dream coming true or growth either.


Can I manifest for my partner?

Yes, you can manifest for your partner.

However, you have to be aligned with what they want. If your partner doesn’t believe that their dreams can come true, even if you think they will, you won’t be able to manifest for them.


Can you manifest for someone to change?

Yes, you can manifest for someone to change.

Alignment is critical here. If you can help them change their mindset, then you will be able to manifest for them.

If they are stuck in a rut and feel like there’s no way out, it means that the universe won’t support their goals coming true either.

Can you manifest for someone to be with you?

Yes, you can manifest for someone to be with you.

However, they have to want to be with you as much as you want to be with them.

This means that they have to believe that a relationship between the two of you is possible and desirable.

If either person doesn’t believe in this or feels like they would lose something if it happens, then there will still be resistance from their side.

Can you manifest someone who doesn’t want you?

No, you cannot manifest someone who doesn’t want you.

The person has to be aligned with what they have and want as well. If not, then there will still be resistance from them and their side of the universe too.

Can you manifest for a job?

Yes, you can manifest for a job.

There are a few ways to do this, such as visualizing your ideal job and feeling confident about it.

You can also ask the universe to send you opportunities for a job or directly manifest one.

You can check out our post that we wrote on how to manifest the job of your dreams.

Why can’t I manifest what I want?

If you are trying to manifest something and it doesn’t seem like things are moving in the right direction, take a step back.

You might not be aligned with what’s best for you or what your goals are.

It’s better to feel aligned than it is to feel frustrated about your lack of results.

Also, consider that there could be other factors at work that you’re unaware of, such as energies from people around you or even life lessons that will help push your growth forward.

Whenever you find yourself feeling frustrated during the manifestation process, try asking yourself these questions:

  • Could I be getting in my own way instead?
  • Could there be some hurdles from within me or outside (from people around me) that I’m unaware of?

If there is something that you are not aware of what’s blocking your goals from manifesting, then try to find out what it is.

Final thoughts

In summary, yes, you can manifest for others as long as you align yourself with their desires.

Alignment and positive energy are essential for manifestation and the law of attraction to work.

You can only manifest for someone else when you’re both aligned and feel confident that they can achieve their goals.

If you are in a relationship, then talk about your goals together and try to stay positive.

Be patient; it may take time for them to believe in themselves enough to try.

I hope this article helps you better understand how the law of attraction works! If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment below.


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