Have you ever noticed that words have power? Words can have such a powerful impact on us that they can affect our mood, what we believe in and how we feel about ourselves.

If you’re trying to manifest something, using the right words is essential. They can help you manifest faster and easier. But what words do you want to avoid?

Why should you avoid certain words when manifesting?

Words have the power to create emotions within us, positive or negative. They can bring out both good and bad feelings. Words are incredibly powerful and can change your life, depending on the words you choose.

Too many times, we use words that don’t support our goals, dreams, or aspirations. The more we say these words, the more they become a reality in our lives because it shows them to be true in our minds.

When we say things like “I always fail,” “I’m not smart enough,” or “I never get anything I want,” what does this do? It reinforces those beliefs, which ultimately becomes who you are because those thoughts form habits within us. We act similar to how someone would who has those characteristics.

When we look to ourselves with words like “I’m awesome!” or “I always succeed at getting what I want,” our mind will start to form new habits that ultimately bring out these positive characteristics within us and shows our inner awesomeness!

Manifestation is all about self-belief, and if you’re constantly repeating negative words, you’re unconsciously showing that to yourself. This makes it impossible for you to form new habits of positivity and self-belief.

How can we change using negative words?

Self-talk isn’t something new; I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “self-talk is powerful.” It’s a mirror into your subconscious mind, which shows what you truly believe.

Next time you catch yourself saying one of these negative words or phrases, stop yourself immediately!

Replace those negative beliefs with positive ones.

If you’re constantly putting yourself down by repeating words like “I never get anything I want,” then start telling yourself things like “anything I want is instantly mine because I’m a powerful creator.”

Positive affirmations are a great tool for doing this. By repeating these affirmations daily, you’re reprogramming your mind with positive beliefs that help you to reach all of your goals and dreams.

It’s essential to be careful of the words we choose when talking about ourselves. You are what you say! If you keep putting yourself down, then that’s precisely the person you’ll eventually become.

So, be aware of the words you use to talk about yourself! If they aren’t positive and uplifting, then stop using them immediately, or they will slowly change who you are.

Be careful with the words you use when manifesting your life! Choose to believe in yourself, and the universe will support you by showing you only positive experiences.

15 words to avoid when manifesting

When you want to manifest your desires, you must use the right words to bring about your desires. The wrong words can prevent you from ever achieving it.

Here are 15 words to avoid using when trying to manifest your dreams:

  1. Maybe.
  2. Someday.
  3. Hopefully.
  4. Can’t.
  5. Won’t.
  6. Impossible.
  7. If only.
  8. Not now.
  9. Never.
  10. Shouldn’t.
  11. Can’t have.
  12. I can’t do this.
  13. Too hard.
  14. Will never.
  15. Kind of.

Using these words when manifesting will only slow you down.

It’s important that you keep telling yourself positive affirmations and speak about your desires using positive words to help speed up the manifestation process.

Determine precisely what you want and say it out loud, but never say anything negative about it or yourself! If you do this, the world will start giving it to you because of how powerful thought is and default.

The universe will show us more of those things in return by only putting out positive thoughts about what we want.

If we constantly put ourselves down with our words, then the universe feels like it has to bring more negativity into our lives because that’s all we believe we deserve.

11 words to use when manifesting

  1. I will.
  2. I can.
  3. I am.
  4. I have.
  5. I know.
  6. Easy.
  7. Effortlessly.
  8. It will.
  9. Future.
  10. I believe.
  11. Want.

These positive words are the words you should start using when manifesting your dream life.

They all have power and positive connotations to them.

Whenever you find yourself using one of the negative words, immediately replace it with one of these positive phrases.


You’ll be amazed at how powerful that is!

Instead of saying “I can’t do this,” say “I will” or “I’m doing.”

The difference between them is extraordinary, and understanding what they mean is important when manifesting your dreams because the universe picks up on your thoughts and feelings.


What do you say while manifesting?

When manifesting, it’s important to speak positively about what you want.

If you’re struggling to get something, you need to find a way to feel positive about it.

Positive affirmations are a great way to do this.

You can say statements such as:

  • I am worthy of this.
  • I trust the universe.
  • This is easy for me.
  • Achieving want I want is effortless.
  • I’m a powerful creator.
  • I will achieve my dreams.

What can ruin a manifestation?

Thinking or speaking negatively can ruin a manifestation.

If you keep saying things like “why can’t I…?” or “this is impossible,” then you are certainly making it harder for what you want to come true.

The universe responds to your thoughts and feelings, so you need to make sure that what you’re thinking and feeling aligns with what you want because the universe will give us more of exactly that!

Lacking self-belief can also ruin a manifestation.

If you don’t believe that you can achieve what you want, how can you expect the universe to bring you what you want?

What do you say when manifesting money?

When manifesting money, it’s important to use positive affirmations that resonate with you.

This is because our thoughts and feelings about what we say are important for manifesting money.

For example, if you keep saying “I’m poor” or “I don’t have any money,” then the universe will give you more of those things because you believe those things to be true.

So make sure that whatever you say is in alignment with what you want.

When manifesting money, you can say statements such as:

  • I’m deserving of unlimited money.
  • I now have enough money to live my life fully and abundantly.
  • Money is coming to me in fast abundance.
  • The universe is supplying me with all the resources I need.

Why do I doubt myself when manifesting?

When you doubt yourself when manifesting, it’s usually because you don’t believe that what you want can come true.

This is essentially a lack of self-belief, which can be overcome by speaking positively about what you want.

For example, instead of saying “I can never lose weight,” say “I’m shedding those extra pounds easily.”

The universe gives us more of whatever we think and feel about, so if you speak positively about something, the universe will bring more positive things into your life.

What do you say when manifesting love?

When manifesting love, it’s essential to use positive words that have power and good feelings attached to them.

The best way to show the universe what you want is by thinking about what you want in a positive light.

This will help attract it into your life because the universe responds to what we think and feel. It does this by giving us more of those things.

Make sure that whatever you’re saying is in alignment with what you want.

When manifesting love, you can say phrases like:

  • My heart is open to receiving love.
  • I’m ready to give and receive love today.
  • I attract a loving partner into my life.
  • The universe is bringing me someone who is right for me.

Final thoughts

The words you use to talk about yourself or your desires can profoundly affect how quickly they manifest.

When you want to manifest your dreams, it’s essential that you only say positive things so the universe will show you more of those good things in return.

For example, if we constantly put ourselves down by repeating phrases like “I never get anything I want,” the world starts giving us what we believe is all we deserve: less than what we wanted.

So be careful with the thoughts and words used when trying to create life!

The wrong language could lead to not being able to manifest your desires at all.

So, repeat these new positive phrases to yourself daily and watch your life start changing around you!


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